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symmetry - October/November 2004 - Extreme Neutrinos
Spaci An hour later, the three men reach the sea floor, 2500 meters below the surface. Woschnagg and Bertin, both particle physicists, are going to extreme ... - 29k -

Salem Press
Spaci Although pole-arms ceased to be realistic weapons of war by the end of the 1600’s, their simplicity has made them useful in conditions of extreme need. ... - 31k -

North Pole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spaci Discounting Peary's disputed claim, the first men to set foot at the North ... to reach the North Pole by surface travel without the assistance of airlifts. ... - 62k -

Outdoor & Adventure Blog
Spaci So, long story short, here is the article on preparing your Female Menstrual Travel Kit. Men, feel free to look the other way... ... - 41k -

Extreme neutrinos
Spaci He emerges three hours later at the South Pole--an ice sheet at 2840 meters elevation, ... might be useful for studying the properties of neutrinos. ... - 35k -

The Wild File | Outside Online
Spaci Where's the Pole of inaccessibility? Actually, there isn't just one—it's really nothing ... In the extreme, excess adrenaline can lead to a heart attack and ... - 57k -

Lessons Plans and Resources for teaching Extreme Environments
Spaci Used video clip from 'Pole to Pole' (more details on Michael's excellent ... page to travel through - why not look for evidence of the EXTREME nature of ... - 34k -

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