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An adventure travel tour company specializes in one thing; making sure its clients have an enjoyable, memorable and safe adventure experience. The companies are as varied as the kinds of activities their clients seek. One will take you whale watching off the Samana Peninsula of the Dominican Republic. Another will take you on a climb up the Matterhorn in Switzerland, and yet another will take you spelunking in the caverns of California. But no matter what sort of excitement you are looking for, it is a good idea to learn something about the adventure travel tour company you will be going with.

Does the adventure travel tour company have a good reputation? The best ones get rated in travel guides and magazines, and will have certificates of quality on their office walls. Some of them, especially in Third World countries, are shoestring operations that barely deserve the name “company”.

In many tourist destinations there will be more than one adventure travel company offering the same tour or activity. It doesn’t hurt to shop around before choosing one. If, for example, you’re going to take a day trip into the mountains in the back of a 4X4 jeep, compare the rates offered by the various companies. Find out if the package includes meals and other extras. Ask other hotel or resort guests, if possible, if they have taken a tour with that company, and if so ask what they thought of it.

Very often the resort or hotel will make arrangements for its guests to go on a trip with an adventure travel company with which management has an arrangement. Sometimes you can get a better deal from a company in the community outside the resort that operates independently. Of course, the resort will make sure you go with a good company, but very often the independent will provide you with an equally good experience at a lower price than what the resort asks.

The adventure travel company you go with should have top rate equipment. If you are doing an activity that, by its very nature, has an element of danger attached to it – SCUBA diving, for example, you want to be sure that the equipment is in sound working order. A dive shop that looks like a bomb just hit it does not indicate operators who are meticulous about the upkeep of their gear. Even if your activity is as laid back as a boat ride through a mangrove swamp, you don’t want your day spoiled because that ancient looking motor on the back of the craft broke down.

Like any business, an adventure travel tour company is selling a product. You as the customer can expect satisfaction for your money.

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