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What awaits you in an adventure travel tour in Australia? Well, the Land Down Under offers many unique adventures because it is in itself unique. The Australians are largely of British and Irish descent, but many of the original colonists did not go there willingly. They were convicts who were deported from the British Isles or other British colonies for crimes large and small. Some were rogues, to be sure, but others were guilty of nothing more than stealing the food they needed to survive. From their ranks came the Bush Rangers of New South Wales, the most notable of which was Ned Kelly, Australia’s own version of Robin Hood. An adventure travel tour in Australia can show you landmarks associated with the Kelly gang, as well as other fascinating aspects of Australian history, including its gold rushes.

The unique nature of Australia is evident, perhaps more than in any other way, in its wildlife. Here, evolution took some unusual turns. The kangaroo, a national symbol, is the world’s largest marsupial. The tree-dwelling koala bear is not a bear at all. What other country has a mammal – the platypus – that lays eggs? Australia’s largest island, Tasmania, is home to the famous Tasmanian devil. These and other odd creatures can be seen on an adventure travel tour in Australia.

Maybe you have trekked the Sahara Desert and the Gobi Desert. What about Western Australia’s famous Outback? An adventure travel tour in Australia can take you along some of the barely trod paths of this vast, wild country. Spend nights under the southern stars – constellations not seen from the northern hemisphere. A must visit is Ayer’s Rock, about twenty-five miles from Alice Springs. This dramatic geological formation is the second largest monolith in the world. (The largest, Mount Augustus, is also in Australia). The Australian Aboriginal people, to whom the rock is sacred, call it Uluru, and now own the ground upon which it lies. An adventure travel tour in Australia can teach you about the Aboriginal people and their culture.

Let an adventure travel tour in Australia take you out to the Great Barrier Reef, which lies off the Pacific coast of Queensland. The Reef is the largest coral formation in the world. It is home to thousands of species of marine life, some of which are found nowhere else on the planet. The Great Barrier Reef is a diver’s paradise, but visitors can also see its magnificent beauty from the comfort of a glass-bottom boat.

All this and more awaits visitors to Down Under, through an adventure travel tour in Australia.

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